Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Most people looking to lose weight prefer a quick fix. While healthy food and exercise are the best way to go about it, some people wonder whether there are silver bullets.

A common trend in some weight loss programs is adding cinnamon and honey to the diet. This combo is either eaten directly, added to tea or used as a topping in cereals and a number of other meals. However, can cinnamon and honey help you lose weight?

Why cinnamon is a common ingredient in weight loss diets

Flavorful and aromatic cinnamon is as old ancient history. Ancient Egyptians used cinnamon in their embalming processes. By the time the Roman Empire was established, cinnamon was up to 15 times much more expensive than metals like silver.

In addition, cinnamon is known to have medicinal properties. Research has shown that cinnamon is antimicrobial and antiparasitic. It has antioxidants and can help wounds heal. It is also known to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

What is so good about honey?

Honey, as a word, is linked to vitality, love and good health. Actually, honey has a number of health benefits. Most of the benefits are available in its raw unpasteurized form. For best results, use honey in its raw state. Do not heat honey, as that would destroy its active ingredients.

For one, honey has antimicrobial properties, which are made available when you use it topically. And since honey is thick, has a low pH and its enzymes generate hydrogen peroxide, it is known to ward off bacterial infections.

In fact, based on recent research, honey can treat wounds really well. It is also effective at treating burnt skin. Honey is equally effective as a cough suppressant. It works as effectively as some over the counter medications like Benadryl and Vicks DayQuil Cough. Unfortunately, like cinnamon, there is not much research that supports using it to lose weight.

Something else you should know is that there are different types of honey. Manuka, Tualang, Slovenian and Ulmo honey have superior health benefits compared to most other types. The healthy kind of honey can be found at health or natural foods stores.  

What research says about Cinnamon and honey for weight loss

While there are many positive claims about the weight shedding potential of honey and cinnamon, research their combination is scanty. Nevertheless, there are a few studies with plenty of promise.

For instance, a study was done in 2017 and it established that cinnamon has the element cinnamaldehyde, which activates a process known as thermogenesis in the body. During this process, the body generates heat, which burns body fat.

A study in 2011 concluded that swapping sucrose with some honey could prevent your body from gaining unhealthy weight. Another study done in 2010 concluded that honey is able to activate the hormones that suppress appetite.

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Precautions you should take when using cinnamon

If you choose to continue with your honey and cinnamon journey, you should know the following things.

One type of cinnamon, the Cassia cinnamon, has a huge amount of the compound coumarin. It is present in many other plants and is effective at treating edema.

The German Federal Institute of Risk Assessment states that even in small doses when taken for a fortnight, coumarin can damage your liver. Those who already have some kind of liver disease are at a higher risk of more liver damage.

If you have to consume honey and cinnamon daily, be sure you are taking Ceylon cinnamon. This type of cinnamon has a significantly low concentration of coumarin. Ceylon cinnamon is also called Mexican cinnamon or Sri Lankan cinnamon. It is obtained from the back of the tree that is common in Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately, in powder form, it is almost impossible to differentiate the two types of cinnamon. To be sure you are using the right type of cinnamon, purchase your bottle from a purveyor, Mexican market of a store selling natural foods.

Final Word

The jury is still out on the effectiveness of honey and cinnamon for weight loss. One thing is for sure, though. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey in your teacup tastes amazing. If you are still intent on pursuing your weight loss journey, there are other ways to lose weight fast.